Managing Contacts and Lists

Contacts, or recipients, are the individuals to whom you are sending ThankViews. Lists are folders of contacts that enable you to organize your contacts within the ThankView platform.

  • Establish a Sunset Policy. Every 6 months or so, review your full contact list in ThankView and delete all contacts who have unsubscribed, marked as spam, bounced, or have simply been completely unengaged.
  • Keep your data consistent internally.  Set a standard for what fields should always be included in your spreadsheets to eliminate any confusion. If you upload a spreadsheet with the full name in one column and that recipient already is in ThankView with a first and last name, it will pull the last name in twice. Consistent data also allows you to pull accurate reports and lists for updating your other systems.
  • You can delete contacts from your portal, but that will also delete their metrics, so be sure to download your metrics beforehand. If you just want to delete a contact from a certain campaign, make sure you do so in the Recipients section of your campaign and not in the Contacts page. This will delete them from just that single campaign and not affect their metrics. Reach out to your Client Success Representative or success@thankview.com for mass deleting contacts.
  • Establish a consistent naming convention for lists. Similar to naming campaigns, be sure to label your lists in a way that makes them easy to sort, easy to recognize, and provides the general date range or time frame.
  • Create lists from your Metrics page. You can pull lists directly from your campaign metrics. Want to create a list of all the people who clicked on your call-to-action button? Easily do so by clicking on that metric to see the full list and selecting the blue Create New List button. This is a great way to create follow up campaigns.
  • Lean into your lists' Engagement Score. Each list has an Engagement Score, which is the average of all the Engagement Scores of those contacts. This will enable you to determine who your most engaged donors are, who might need some more intentional outreach, etc.


If you have additional questions, please reach out to your Client Success Representative or support@thankview.com.

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