How to create a Video Request campaign

This step-by-step guide will teach you everything you need to know about creating a Video Request campaign. Use this campaign type to request videos from students, faculty, staff, patients, parents, and others.

Send a Video Request with recording instructions, and your recorders can reply with a video. You will be notified via email when they reply, and you can find their video in your Video Library in the Replies folder. From there, you can use the video in other campaigns.

If you would like in-depth training on Video Requests, click here to register.

When you first log into your account, you'll find yourself on the Home page. There are two ways you can initiate the creation of a campaign.

  • Click Create New Campaign in the Your Recent Campaigns section.
  • Click Campaigns in the navigation bar at the top of your screen, then click Create New Campaign.

Once you do this, you'll be prompted to choose a campaign type. Select Video Request, and name your campaign. Lastly, select your delivery method: email, text message, or a shareable link. The shareable link allows you to request videos from anyone with the link rather than a list of specific recorders. To learn how to do this, scroll down to the heading Create a Shareable Link.

Click +Add Recorders or Start Adding Recorders. Select one of the following methods of uploading recipients:

  • Upload Recorders All at Once
  • Add from Lists
  • Add Manually
  • Add from Contacts

Before uploading, make sure your spreadsheet is in .csv, .xls, or .xlsx format. You can then either drag-and-drop or browse your files.

Once you upload your spreadsheet, you will be prompted to use dropdown data fields to choose which column headers of our platform correspond to the column headers in your spreadsheet. If your spreadsheet doesn't have column headers, you can uncheck the Data Includes Headers box.

Make sure to check the box at the bottom of this section that says These recorders have opted-in to receive ThankViews from [Your Organization].

If you've already created a list of the recorders you'd like to use, you can scroll through the Add from Lists section or search for the name of a specific list. Select your list, then click Continue.

You may manually add recorders by entering their contact information. The only required fields are First Name and Email, but the more information you enter, the easier it will be to organize your contacts and personalize your content.

Once you've entered the information, click Add Recorder.

At the bottom of the Add Manually section, click Add from Contacts. You can either search for a contact, or select by scrolling through the list. Once you've selected your contact(s), click Add X Contacts.

Click Next Step to proceed once you have added all of your recorders to your campaign.

The Request Settings section allows you to choose how your request will look and who it's coming from. You'll populate the following fields:

  • Subject Line: the subject line that recorders will see in their email inbox
  • Button Color: the hex code you would like to appear on your button
  • Sender Name: the name of the sender of this ThankView
  • Sender Email Address: the email address from which this ThankView will be sent
  • Reply To: the email address(es) that will receive any replies sent by recipients
  • Landing Page Appearance: the landing page on which your request instructions will display
  • Font: the font that will appear on the email and landing page of this campaign
  • Language: the language for the email and landing page of this campaign

To add video instructions in order to guide your recorders and help them understand your expectations, you must either record a video using your webcam or upload a video into your Video Library. Then, to attach it to this campaign, click +Access Video Library

You may also add up to 2500 characters of instructions in addition to our default instructions. You may also include merge fields and emojis to personalize your message.

Lastly, you can set a due date for submissions and up to three additional automated follow-ups.

Click Next Step to proceed.

You will see a list of all of your recorders. Before sending your Video Request, we highly recommend that you click Send Test so that you can preview the entire ThankView.

Once you have reviewed your ThankView, you are ready to send! Click Schedule All to send your campaign to all of your recorders at once, or check the box next to the recorders you would like to send to, and click Schedule

You may then click Send Now, or click Schedule Send to schedule this campaign to be sent up to a year in advance. Be sure your scheduled sent date is on or before your due date if you've set one.

Once a recorder clicks on your video request link, they will be taken to a page where they can read the instructions and submit a video. They can record it directly or upload a pre-recorded video.

They will also be able to use our "teleprompter" feature. They simply will need to click Toggle Instructions, and the Request Instructions will be fully visible while they are recording.  

After recording their video, your recorders will be prompted to provide their name, email address, and to agree to ThankViews Terms & Conditions.

Once submitted, your recorders will receive an email notification that confirms their video has been sent to you.

Once a video is submitted, it is filed in the Replies folder of your Video Library where it can be reviewed, downloaded, or attached to a campaign. It will be titled with the recorder's name, and if a recorder submits multiple videos, they will be numbered 001, 002, 003, etc. 

You will also be able to view video replies in the Replies section of the campaign itself.

The shareable link allows you to request videos from anyone with the link rather than a list of specific recorders. A recorder can use the same link to record multiple videos. 

Follow the instructions above for creating a campaign.

Follow the instructions above for the Setup. The only difference is toggling on Submissions Enabled. This allows you to copy the Public Request Link and paste it to social channels, online forums, and emails so that you can begin collecting videos.

If you have Submissions Disabled, you will receive a popup when attempting to copy the link. The popup will redirect you to the Setup section so that you can enable submissions. 

If you have not received any replies, the Public Request Link will be displayed for you to copy and share. Otherwise, the replies experience is the same for all Video Request delivery methods.

If you would like a recorder to re-record their video:

  1. Go to the Replies section of the campaign.
  2. Click on the ellipses under the Actions heading.
  3. Click Delete Video.
  4. You will receive a popup asking if you would like to notify the recorder. You may include additional instructions, then click Confirm.


If you have additional questions, please reach out to your Client Success Representative or support@thankview.com.

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