How to assign Recorders and Instructions using Tasks


If you’re an Admin or Creator on a Premium-tier account, once your recipients are uploaded, you’re ready to start assigning. Take note that only users with Recorder access can be assigned tasks – this would mean Admins, Creators, and Recorders. You may need to edit the permission levels of users in your portal. Select the recipient or group of recipients you’d like to assign and then click the purple Create Tasks button in the area over your list. You have three options for the selected recipient(s):

  • Only assign a Recorder
  • Only attach Recording Instructions
  • Assign both a Recorder and instructions

There may be times when you have recipient information you want to jot down, but you’re not quite ready to make assignments, and vice versa - so we made sure you’re able to assign different elements at your own pace.

Take note: when you assign a Recorder to a recipient, the Recorder will receive an email that notifies them and relays their recording instructions.

If you change your mind about a single recipient’s Recorder assignment or need to update their instructions, you’re able to do so by clicking on the underlined name of the Recorder or the underlined View link under the Instructions column. If you desire to make bulk changes to a segment of recipients, this requires the deletion and re-assignment of Recorders or instructions.

To delete a Task for a recipient or group of recipients, click the purple Dropdown Arrow next to the Create Tasks button and you’ll be given two options:

  • Unassign Recorders
  • Remove Instructions

Once you’ve done this, you’re able to start from scratch to re-configure your assignments.

As a Recorder, one way to get started is by following the link in your notification email that says Record your Video! You can also get there by checking your portal notifications - you’ll be notified every time you’re assigned, unassigned, or have instructions changed. On the left hand side of the Recordings Tab, you’ll see that recipients will either be tagged the name of their assigned recorder or as Unassigned - when you log on, your assignments will automatically filter to the top.

For each recipient, you recording instructions will appear at the top of your recording area. What's even more exciting, you’re able to view them teleprompter-style if you opt for a Webcam recording. Click the Toggle Instructions button in the bottom black bar of your recording screen and you’ll see them overlaid for effortless reading.

If you're an Admin and would like someone on your team to re-record their video, you're able to make this request in-platform. In the Recordings Tab, go to video in question, and click the farthest right camera icon at the bottom of the preview. When you click this Request Re-record icon, it'll prompt you to write a second set of instructions that can contain any feedback you have for your Recorder. Once sent, they'll receive an email notification.

A huge part of effectively sending out a campaign is making sure you have a clear window into how everyone's assignments are coming along. There are a few different ways to track your team's progress as an Admin or your own progress as a Recorder. 

Recorders will receive an email report that reflects how many assignments they still must record and encourage the completion of remaining Tasks. These notifications can be managed in Settings.

On your Recipients page, you'll now have a column titled Has Video, which will display either a if a video has been recorded, or an X if it's without. Sorting by this parameter allows you to filter either of those markers to the top and monitor progress that way. You can also sort by Recorder, so that you can see progress within each or your teammates' assigned segments.

In your Recordings Tab, Recorder names will be displayed to the right of their recipient in full or if you hover over the Person With Tag icon. If a recipient has a green ✓ beside it, it means their recording has been completed. This area is particularly useful for tracking progress because you're able to apply a filter that shows you only the statuses of specific Recorders. Above the Search Bar, click on the Funnel Icon - now you can toggle a single person's list of assigned recipients and the status of their video.


*For answers to your questions about upgrading, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email success@thankview.com.

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